LAM - Les Afriques dans le monde


Onglets principaux


 Kariuki N M., Racaud S. Schlegel P. 2016. Street Vending In Kisumu And Thika: Lessons From Secondary Towns In Kenya. International Conference Urbanization and Street Vending, IFRA Nairobi, Nairobi, 9-10 November.

Communication scientifique

Participation à un colloque ou journée d’étude avec communication

September 17, 2018: Rethinking public action in Africa “From Aid to the globalization of public policies” around Fred Eboko's book-At Science Po Bordeaux
Sustainable Urban Development in East Africa Conference organised by The Regional Economic Department of the French Embassy in Kenya, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development of Kenya and Business France.
Attended a workshop  at IFRA Nairobi organized by IRD (Institut de recherche pour le dévelopement).The title of the conference was “Urban subsistence, urban-rural links and social mutations in the city: Burundian and Kenyan cases”. The workshop was on  December 10th-14th, 2018
Africa and global commodity markets: towards a new paradigm? 6th Bordeaux Workshop in International Economics and Finance Organized by LAREFI - Bordeaux (France), The World Bank and the OCP Policy Center. Friday September 28th, 2018 9h-17h Amphi Manon Cornier, Campus Pessac, Av. Léon Duguit PESSAC, FRANCE

Suivi de séminaire organisé par les équipes de recherche ou par un autre établissement

Presentation of the PhD work at the Urban Subsistence, Urban-Rural Links and Social Mutations in the City: Burundian and Kenyan Cases at a Glance workshop at The French Research Institute in Africa (IFRA) between 13th - 14th December 2018 at IFRA Nairobi
Presentation of the PhD work in Les séminaires de LAM - Les Afriques dans le monde“ Space and Mobility in Kenyan Intermediate Towns “ on 27th November 2018 at Maison Des Suds


May 2019 Field work research  grant to conduct research in Nairobi from Institut Français De Recherche En Afrique IFRA (500 Euros).


August 2018: Connecting Classrooms: An online course organized by the British council on teaching core skills in High School.

Activité didactique

Monitorat, ATER, Charge de cours

Currently I’m teaching at St. Alexis, Ruchu Girls High School. I teach Geography and Business with a workload of 25 hours a week from Monday to Saturday.
I’m the assistant Dean of studies in the school in charge of exams and Time tabling. I also organize Sunday services in the school every week.

Activité professionnelle en liaison avec le sujet de thèse

Fieldwork exposition in Githunguri and Thika between 12-20th May 2019 together with Thesis Director Pr. Bernard Calas and 3 Masters Students of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) project entitled “European Interdisciplinary Master African Studies (EIMAS)